About us
■ TIVI ABRAZIVI is a family firm established in 1975.In very modest conditions, manufacture magnesite abrasives production had been increasing and refining very fast considering that market demands were bigger than our possibilities.
The production increasing required more empolyees,more space and much more working hours.

Nowadays,the main goal of experts who work in the firm is still satisfying the quality and market demands.Stady contacts with the institutes in the country and abroad, cooperation with leading Italian and German firms fora many years, contributed to refining to products quality as well as asortment expanding.

During first 10 years we mastered all kinds of abrasives production for stone processing i.e. magnesite,synthetic and composite bonds for different purposes. In the end of 1986.we started diamond tools production for stone cutting and grinding.
Today we are very pleasured to speak and exchange expiriences with our clients in order to improve our products.
■ Our aim is to make a website which will be focused on solving problems connected with marble,granite,,ceramics,glass and different types of concrete processing.As we deal with different problems started with geological, (variety of materials and their structure) over mechanical (types of machines and processing demands and till technology abrasives processing (composition, abrasive and bond equilibrium, processing models...).
This way ,we would like to present except improved selling abilities and to make true contact with our clients due to getting adequate information related to the problems appeared during and after using our tools.

We rely on great support of our clients by e-mail.
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